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The project:

The realization of the project will accelerate our research activities in the most promising areas of cell imaging (e.g. involvement of the consortium in the research program of the European XFEL experimental stations). The benefits of the foreseen progress in cell imaging will expand our current impact towards new horizons in oncology (targeted cancer treatment), mitochondrial diseases and aging, stem cells research (novel insights into human and animal morphogenesis), and reproduction (development of non-invasive techniques for single-cell diagnosis). Thus, broad implications not only for the basic biomedical research, but also directly to practical sphere can be expected. With respect to the above mentioned facts and goals, the project CELIM is seeking 4 highly experienced Slovak scientists (contemporary working abroad) in  different areas of expertizes with the purpose to reintegrate them into CELIM multidisciplinary team. Candidates are expected to work independently, display excellent technical and communication skills and problem solving abilities. The positions are available since September 2013 and duration of the contracts is expected to be 30 months.


Project name: CELIM- Fostering Excelence in Multiscale Cell Imaging

Project coordinator: Prof. Dr. Pavol Miškovský, PhD., DSc.

Project type: Coordination and support actions (Supporting)

Work programme: major theme HEALTH, with the following biomedical subspecialties: 1.1.2. Detection, diagnosis and monitoring: 1.1.4. Innovative therapeutic

Project budget: 2.700.000 E

Project duration: 06/2013 - 05/2016

Project goal:

The aim of the project is to develop an excellent interdisciplinary research group in cell bioimaging and improve the conditions for a participation in prestigious international project.



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